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The RSS : the heart of ARKIA's innovation




ARKIA harmonicas have been designed to offer an exemplary reactivity at a very affordable price.

The instrument's airtightness is ensured by a specially designed comb that solves an endemic problem in diatonic harmonicas: structurally eliminating air leaks between the comb and the plates. 

As for air flow control, the A R K I A Origin model offers a reed stabilizing system, called "RSS" (Reed Stabilizing System), unique in the world, whose objective is to compact the flow entering or leaving the instrument, for optimal reed responsiveness, whatever the note played.

The RSS system: Reed Stabilizing System

The first part of the RSS system is the comb with flaps, which controls the air flow near the draw reeds (ACC technology: Airflow Control Comb). Moreover, for the first time on a harmonica, each chamber has been individually optimized, to improve the obtaining of each note.

The second part consists of a lug plate, added over the blown reeds, to control the air flow close to them (ACP technology: Airflow Control Plate).


If the RSS system is very efficient when triggering bent notes, it has been especially designed to greatly facilitate the triggering of overblows and overdraws.

It is in the use of these techniques, which are very widespread today and whose efficiency depends on both the player and the design of the instrument, that the harmonicist will take the full measure of the airtightness and reliability of his A R K I A.

Greater airtightness and better air flow management will allow you to control more precisely how each reed reacts. Develop your playing finesse. With your Arkia, all the subtle variations of attack, release and tone are at your disposal! 

The result?

An instrument that guarantees remarkable playability at a very competitive price!

Everything is easily triggered, without having to force it at all.

The models

There are currently two models : the ARKIA Origin and the ARKIA Signature Peyrelevade.

They are declined in two versions : Flex Orange & Antibacterial Blue.

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