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A R K I A is a new French brand of diatonic harmonicas.

The A R K I A harmonicas were imagined by Jérôme Peyrelevade, designed and prepared by Jean-Noël Kulichenski. Our goal: to design an instrument with a considerably improved playability. To achieve it, we want to better manage the airtightness of the instrument and the air flow inside the chambers.

Inventors' Profiles:

Jérôme Peyrelevade

Jérôme Peyrelevade is well-known in the world of harmonica to be an eclectic musician with a rare technique.

What is less known is that he is a former engineer (Telecom ParisTech School).

ARKIA is an opportunity to combine his passion for the instrument with his engineering skills.

Within the project, he is in charge of imagining solutions to simplify the obtaining of notes, and to improve the harmonicist's experience. Once the prototypes have been made, he takes care of the final tests in playing situations, to push the instruments to their limits, and choose the one that was able to withstand the pressure.

Ancre JP

The artist in a strange state of deep inspiration

Ancre JNK

Jean-Noël Kulichenski is a social worker, passionate about music and digital techniques. He combines his social commitment with his passions through various projects: popular education to the world of free software, beginner's guide to new manufacturing tools, training to raise awareness of digital risks, animations of repair'cafés, ...

The harmonica offers itself to him as the high point of convergence of his inclinations: musical, popular, and yet demanding and offering incredible sound and technical territories to explore to whoever wants to take the trouble.

Within the project, he is in charge of all the technical expertise: choice of materials, 3D design, manufacturing, etc.

He is also in charge of the preparation of each ARKIA harmonica, and its tuning.


The engineer in a concrete state of deep reflexion

We warmly thank Raymond Brodur ( and Sébastien Charlier ( for their advices and constant encouragement.

© Photo Credits : Patrick Massabo, Laurent Vigouroux, Alien Beats Records

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