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Blue Antibacterial version


For the first time in the world, a harmonica with an antibacterial comb!

We have tested several materials selected in hospitals for their antibacterial functions. These are materials used for post-operative prostheses, cutlery for patients, food containers, etc.

We found one that works really well for a harmonica windchest, and has excellent antibacterial results.

The ACP plate of this variation of the ARKIA models is also made of this material.

The manufacturer presents his work :

"Antimicrobial action has been scientifically validated, eliminating over 99.99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms."


"Clinically tested in amputee prostheses with excellent results, it is also ideal for use in other medical applications where bacterial contamination is dangerous, such as postoperative prostheses, wound dressing and orthopedic insoles."


Antimicrobial properties confirmed by two microbiology laboratories: more than 98% of bacteria eliminated in 8 hours, 99.99% in 24 hours.

ARKIA models, Antibacterial version

It is distinguished from the orange version by a dark blue comb and a light blue ACP plate.

For the rest, the RSS system is the same as the orange "Classic" version, as well as the reedplates and covers, and the characteristics are therefore identical.

The harmonica is just as responsive, with the same astonishing playability, and a slightly less brilliant sound.

Why is that interesting?

For the same reason that it is advisable to brush your teeth daily!

In a closed and humid environment, especially on materials such as wood, plastic and metal, bacteria are very comfortable and can proliferate quietly. 

Ideally, you should disassemble and clean your harmonica after each use. Obviously, it's very restrictive and nobody does that.

So you get used to breathing in an environment where bacteria are very present.

This is not good for oral hygiene, mouth ulcers and bad breath not being the most important problems long term.

It turns out that bacteria do not resist more than a few hours on antibacterial materials. Their number will therefore be drastically reduced between two uses of your favourite instrument.

Of course, this does not prevent a more thorough cleaning once in a while.


The antibacterial ACC comb and ACP plate are more complex to manufacture, so the manufacturing time is a little longer than for the Classic version.

We estimate an average of 1 week.

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