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Blue Antibacterial version


For the first time in the world, a harmonica with an antibacterial comb!

We have tested several materials chosen by hospitals for their anti-microbial properties. They are bactericidal and virucidal. These materials are used for post-operative prostheses, cutlery for patients, food containers, etc.

We've found one that works really well for a diatonic harmonica comb, with excellent results.

Logo anti bacterial harmonica comb

The action of an anti bacterial comb

The anti-microbial action prevents the microbes deposited when you play from reproducing. Their number will therefore be immediately very limited.

The bactericidal action eliminates these microbes in just a few hours.

The virucidal action eliminates viruses and prevents you from self-contaminating when you play for several days in a row while sick.

Why is that interesting?

For the same reason that it is advisable to brush your teeth daily!

In a closed and humid environment, especially on materials such as wood, plastic and metal, bacteria are very comfortable and can proliferate quietly. 

Ideally, you should disassemble and clean your harmonica after each use. Obviously, it's very restrictive and nobody does that.

So you get used to breathing in an environment where bacteria are very present.

This is not good for oral hygiene, mouth ulcers and bad breath not being the most important problems long term.

It turns out that bacteria do not resist more than a few hours on antibacterial materials.

Of course, this does not prevent a more thorough cleaning once in a while.

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