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A R K I A Signature Model


The ARKIA Signature model represents the top of ARKIA technology.

Even more powerful than the ARKIA Origin, it is remarkably flexible, even in the most delicate situations.

The notes considered the most difficult are clearly facilitated, notably the 1 overblow and 7 overdraw.

After a fine and personal adjustment, never has a 7° seemed so easy to trigger and hold!


With its optimization of the RSS system applied to its Hohner reeds (Crossover), it will satisfy the most demanding harmonicists. Everything comes out effortlessly, even overblows and overdraws for those who master these techniques.

ARKIA Signature Peyrelevade

Version : Antibacterial Blue

Customer feedback


Laurent Siguret : "It's really the ultimate harmonica".

Cédric Deschamps: "It is of an outstanding playability! Bravo !!!".

Louis Leblond: "It's a little bomb".

Robert Kimtia: "I've never been able to get overnotes so easily. Thank you!"



ARKIA Signature Peyrelevade

Version : Flex Orange


Flex Orange - shop here

Antibacterial Blue - shop here




G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#


Richter, Lydian (Country Tuning) or Paddy Richter


Hohner Crossover


Varnish applying, pitch control, gaps settlement

Made in FRANCE

Reed Stabilizing System conceived, made & settled by ARKIA

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