Demos and user tests


about the ARKIA Origin model

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ARKIA Origin "just like home" demo.

Jerome Peyrelevade shows us that everything is possible on an ARKIA harmonica, with this cover of a solo by Sebastien Charlier (Precious Time album).

Note : the video includes two harmonica sounds simultaneously, the one of the CD & the one of the Arkia.

Little Harpo is a corean harp player, here covering Yesterday (The Beatles)

on a ARKIA Origin in C

The Canadian duo PÔH is having a great time...

with 2 ARKIA Origin in two different keys at the same time (one C and one Bb).

To be found on their facebook page :

Palmier Perdu LP from the band We Need a Plumber

Cedric Deschamps plays on an ARKIA Origin in A

Florence G., classical music harmonicists

plays a piece of Verdi (from Nabucco), with her ARKIA Signature in C

Laurent Vigouroux likes to challenge himself

and tests his ARKIA Signature in Bb by playing Petite Fleur in a normally "impossible" key.

"Right out of the box" test - Tin Sandwich

Bruno B. tests the ARKIA Origin. To be found on his facebook page dedicated to harmonica:

Emmanuel C, fond of folk music

plays a reel called "La Guenille" on his ARKIA Origin in C

Out of the box test - Alain Messier

The excellent Alain Messier honors us with a simple and catchy melody, with his brand new ARKIA Origin, just out of the box.

Jean-Noel, head officer of ARKIA production line

has fun realizing a forfold overdraw in 10 (-10°°°°) !!!!! World record only possible on an ARKIA Signature.

Working session of Cedric D.

who explores the possibilities of his ARKIA Origin in C on a trumpet solo by John Daversa