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Demos and reviews

Sebastien Charlier: Jusqu'au dernier souffle (until the last breath)

Master of the diatonic harmonica, Sebastien Charlier gives an example of what can be done with a looper and a ARKIA Signature Brodur !

Jonah Fox : ARKIA Signature review

Apparently Jonah loves it!

Paul Messinger reviews the ARKIA Signature

ARKIA Origin "just like home" demo.

Jerome Peyrelevade shows us that everything is possible on an ARKIA harmonica, with this cover of a solo by Sebastien Charlier (Precious Time album).

Note : the video includes two harmonica sounds simultaneously, the one of the CD & the one of the Arkia.

The Canadian duo PÔH is having a great time...

with 2 ARKIA Origin in two different keys at the same time (one C and one Bb).

To be found on their facebook page :

Florence G., classical music harmonicists

plays a piece of Verdi (from Nabucco), with her ARKIA Signature in C

"Right out of the box" test - Tin Sandwich

Bruno B. tests the ARKIA Origin. To be found on his facebook page dedicated to harmonica:

Out of the box test - Alain Messier

Alain Messier plays a simple and catchy melody, with his brand new ARKIA Origin, just out of the box.



about the ARKIA Origin model

Jérôme Peyrelevade : 12 keys practice

Exercize on pentatonics in all keys. Played on a ARKIA Signature in C (lydian tuning) for a french magazine called DIATO Le Mag.

Tim D. reviews the ARKIA Origin

The one he bought is a prototype version named A#P211, whose gaps have been adjusted by our robot GAPPER.

Little Harpo is a corean harp player, here covering Yesterday (The Beatles)

on a ARKIA Origin in C

Palmier Perdu LP from the band We Need a Plumber

Cedric Deschamps plays on an ARKIA Origin in A

Laurent Vigouroux likes to challenge himself

and tests his ARKIA Signature in Bb by playing Petite Fleur in a normally "impossible" key.

Emmanuel C, fond of folk music

plays a reel called "La Guenille" on his ARKIA Origin in C

Jean-Noel, head officer of ARKIA production line

has fun realizing a forfold overdraw in 10 (-10°°°°) !!!!! World record only possible on an ARKIA Signature.

Working session of Cedric D.

who explores the possibilities of his ARKIA Origin in C on a trumpet solo by John Daversa

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